Kirby vacuum cleaner repair

Kirby Vacuum Repair

Fix your Kirby vacuum today! Kirby vacuum parts, vacuum tune ups.

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Fast turn Around (1-7 days average*)
  • Complimentary tune ups with machines purchased from us
  • Complimentary loaners available*
  • Most Common Parts in stock*
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We are Denver’s premiere Kirby vacuum repair store!

  • Fast turn Around (1 to 7 day avg turn around)
  • Friendly Expert Technicians (Trained through our apprenticeship program Est. 1999)
  • Factory parts (only original Kirby Vacuum parts used on repairs)
  • Guaranteed Work (Call for Details, Standard 30 day and up to 1 Year)
  • Parts In-Stock
  • Kirby bags, belts and filters
  • Est. 1981

We are Denver’s premiere Kirby Bag, Belt and Shampoo Supplier:

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Bring your machine in today and receive a complimentary consultation and if your machine needs service we will provide you with an equivalent vacuum as a loaner.


They knocked on the door, showed you a vacuum cleaner that should last forever but now what? If you are the new proud owner of a Kirby vacuum cleaner there’s some things you should know:


Common Kirby Vacuum Repair:

  1. If your Kirby vacuum cleaner is making a loud noise:
    1. check the brush roller for obstructions
    2. remove the brush head assembly and check the fan (unplug your Kirby first)
    3. make sure the vacuum agitator belt is on properly
  2. Kirby has low suction?
    1. check the bag (they have a fill line that is usually about midway on the bag)
    2. make sure there are no clogs on the intake from the brush assembly.
    3. check the belt (most models have a light on the head assy that lights green when belt is good)
    4. check the bag intake duct mini emptor and or fill tube on the debris bag (your vacuum bag).
    5. check the head assy and make sure the height setting is adjusted often should be lowered if low suction.
  3. Kirby is hard to push or pull?
    1. make sure the transmission lever on the back is in the “D” position for drive rather than in Neutral “N”.
    2. adjust the head height to a higher setting (1 being lowest and the higher digits raise the head higher)

Beyond these simple and basic vacuum repair do it yourself tips bring the machine to us and we will make sure all service, tune-up and repairs are performed efficiently and cost effectively. We are here to serve the entire Denver Metro area and its neighborhoods. We have locations serving: Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Castle Rock, Centennial, Thornton, Aurora, Greenwood Village, Westminster, Broomfield and all neighboring cities.