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More Than Vacuums Reviews

5 star reviews from 40 reviews.

  • Take on repairing my vintage 1983 turntable

    Joni Huffman

    I discovered that Jason and his team at More Than Vacuums was willing to take on repairing my vintage 1983 turntable. They were absolutely fantastic-called me with updates, took the time to track down the right parts and restored it. I’d take all my repairs to these guys and plan to buy a vacuum from them as well! I highly highly recommend them.

    Date: September, 14, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Same price as Amazon and super friendly and helpful

    Vince Savarese

    I bought a new vacuum from these guys and they were great. Same price as Amazon and super friendly and helpful customer service.

    Date: September, 13, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Best choice with buying a new Miele vacuum

    Armelle Vallejos

    Adam was awesome and helped me make the best choice with buying a new Miele vacuum. He answered all my questions and showed me a great demonstration. He sold me right away!! I am a repeat customer.

    Date: September, 09, 2019 5/5 stars
  • I was so very lucky to have found these guys

    Jim Hunter

    I was so very lucky to have found these guys . I could have really got taken !! They are truly specialists and if you’re not you better get there or be prepared to get took for a ride They don’t need to rip you off ! They want your business and they sure know theirs !!!

    Date: September, 09, 2019 5/5 stars
  • We are thrilled with the machine

    Jersey G.

    I came in to talk about vacuums after having trouble with our Dyson. ADAM recommended a miele and we are thrilled with the machine. He even gave us some sample products to try I definitely recommend him. He took the time to show us everything on the vacuum as well as the pros and cons of other vacuums.

    Date: September, 07, 2019 5/5 stars
  • They did a fine job

    Kim P.

    They did a fine job. I didn’t think the vacuum was cleaned as well as I had hoped and also the guy was pushing me to buy another model. Excuse me I am happy with my rainbow. When I decide to change Ill do it on my own. Very odd guy. Don’t remember the name. So I will be going else where.

    Date: August, 19, 2019 3/5 stars
  • 2 years free bags for my trade in

    Jan A
    Adam is awesome. He took time to specifically pick out the best vacuum for me. I Told him I could not spend over 1000 dollars for a vacuum and he picked out out under 1000 and even gave me 200 off on it and 2 years free bags for my trade in. Definitely recommend.
    Date: August, 16, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Great store, very friendly

    B. 'Schultz' Greenberg

    Great store, very friendly. And most helpful!

    Date: August, 16, 2019 4/5 stars
  • perfect vacuum for my needs

    Kimberly Y

    I just had a great experience at More Than Vacuums. Marcus did a superior job explaining differences to me and helping me choose the perfect vacuum for my needs. I recommend this small business in Englewood. There is a reason they’ve survived since 1947. Haven’t tried the vacuum out at home yet, but I have confidence that he picked the best one for my needs.

    Date: August, 14, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Got my vacuum and sewing machine repaired here

    Greta King

    Very helpful, not pushy. Got my vacuum and sewing machine repaired here and they gave me a discount off the initial deposit for doing 2 machines

    Date: July, 27, 2019 5/5 stars
  • New vacuum, steamer and shampooer

    Scott L.

    I needed to update old household vacuums. The store is very close to both work and office. Adam was extremely helpful in assisting me with a new vacuum, steamer and shampooer. He gave me the differences in the products and went over all the features, differences and benefits of each. This was a very positive experience.

    Date: July, 22, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Repair in a timely manner

    Kathryn C

    Great service and did the repair in a timely manner. Customer service was great! Very friendly and helpful. I’ll go back if I need any othrt appliance repairs!

    Date: July, 18, 2019 5/5 stars