Sewing machine repair

Sewing Machine Repair

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  • Locally owned and operated
  • Most Tune Ups Under $99
  • 2 Specialized Technicians for old or new models
  • Guaranteed Work
  • Fast Repairs
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Tune Up as low as $89 (Non-computerized models)

We service & sell all brand new sewing machines, serger machines and embroidery machines. If your sewing machine needs a tune up, the timing is off or if it is breaking needles bring it in, we can fix it for you.

  • Fast Repairs
  • Guaranteed Work
  • Most Tune Ups Under $99
  • 2 Specialized Technicians for old or new models
  • Timing and tension adjustments
  • Upper and Lower Tension adjustments
  • Bobbin Winding adjustment
  • Presser Foots in Stock
  • Foot Pedal Repair
  • Sewing Machine Light bulb repair

We have parts for new and old sewing machines: presser foot, foot pedal, bobbins, etc.  Sewing Machine repair store, all makes and models: Singer, Brother, Bernina, Elna, Necchi, Husqvarna, White Sewing Machines, Kenmore, Sears, Montgomery Ward, Janome, Pfaff, Bernette, Juki, Baby Lock and more.

Common Sewing machine repairs:

The most common thing I hear from customer is that their sewing machine worked fine X amount of years ago and has been sitting in the closet since. We often don’t think of sewing machines as mechanical machines that require routine use and maintenance. Like a car when left sitting sewing machines often develop problems. Here in Colorado we also have climate conditions such as the dryness that can also alter the characteristics of the grease or lubricants that often keep the gears moving smoothly and aligned properly.

Sewing machine breaks needles?

  1. make sure your needle is installed properly
  2. make sure your bobbin is properly seeded in the bobbin case
  3. check that your thread is not stuck and is moving freely
  4. make sure you are using the proper size needle
  5. make sure you are using a bobbin designed for your machine if its not the original

Tension on sewing machine is off?

  1. make sure you are using the right kind of thread (this is often overlooked)
  2. if the thread snaps, tears, unravels or if your sewing is erratic and inconsistent try another thread
  3. TENSION adjustments are often minor and not necessary so reference your manual first

Bunching of thread with fabric while sewing?

  1. cut away the bunched thread and starting over (it could be that simple)
  2. loops and knots are often related to a small mishap.

Skipping stitches on fabric while sewing

  1. change your needle and make sure you are using the right needle with your fabric choice.

Beyond these simple and basic sewing machine repair do-it-yourself tips bring the machine to us and we will make sure all service, tune-up and repairs are performed efficiently and cost effectively. We are here to serve the entire Denver Metro area and its neighborhoods. We have locations serving: Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Castle Rock, Centennial, Thornton, Aurora, Greenwood Village, Westminster, Parker and all neighboring cities.