Panasonic Type C, C3 Bags – 3 Pack


  • Convenient pack of 3 bags.
  • Replace vacuum bags before they are completely full in order to keep your vacuum running smoothly.
  • Made in Japan

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Panasonic Canister Bags C3, C-3 bags for Panasonic MC7310, Panasonic MC7320, Panasonic MC7420, Panasonic MC771, Panasonic MC772, Panasonic MC8310, Panasonic MC8320, Panasonic MC8330M Panasonic MC7310, Panasonic MC7320, Panasonic MC8310, Panasonic MC8330, Panasonic MC8420, Panasonic MC8430, Panasonic MC881, Panasonic MC9410, Panasonic MC9420, Panasonic MC9430, Panasonic MC9440, Panasonic MC9510, Panasonic MC9520, Panasonic MC9527 JET FLO 240, Panasonic MC9530, Panasonic MC9537, Panasonic MC9540, Panasonic MCE91N, Panasonic MCE91NB
The C, C3 canister vacuum bag is made by Panasonic. 3 vac bags in a package.