Miele Cat and Dog Dynamic U1 Upright Vacuum

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Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum Features:
• Powerful 1,200–watt Miele-made Vortex Motor™
• 2 motor system with separate control for electrobrush
• Suction control via rotary dial with 4 power settings
• Patented SwivelNeck™ technology allows for extreme maneuverability
• Automatic carpet height adjustment
• LED headlight
• Exclusive AirClean Sealed System™
• Unique AirClean FilterBags™ type U, 5.45 quart
• Active AirClean filter (AA 30)
• Optional HEPA AirClean filter (HA 50)
• 12-foot integrated flexible hose
• Lightweight, telescopic aluminum wand
• Integrated dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle
• Mini turbobrush (STB 101)
• 54 ft overall cleaning radius

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Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Vacuum DealerMiele Cat and Dog Dynamic U1 Upright Vacuum:

Vacuum User Benefits: The perfect solution with everything a pet owner  need to efficiently clean up after our furry friends. Effective removal of pet hair from carpeted surfaces, hard floors with all the attachments on board and long reaching hoe and telescopic wand. Furniture can be cleaned with the handheld turbo tool and the Dynamic U1 Pet Vacuum comes with a charcoal air filter to remove pet odors.

Vacuum User Cons: Like most upright vacuums this is on the heavier (22 lbs) side some users might find it difficult to transport between levels up and down stairs. Although you can turn the brushroll on/off, hard surface cleaning is not as good as a canister vacuum.

Swivel Neck Maneuverability – The Miele Cat and Dog upright vacuum has swivel neck technology. This allows the head and body of the vacuum to bend reaching around furniture and corners in ways most vacuums can’t. That means users can now get into places and maneuver around obstacles enhancing their cleaning experience.

The STB 101 TurboBrush- The Miele STB 101 Handheld Turbobrush is an air powered mini hand tool with a 5.25” brush roll inside. The cleaning power of the small spinning brush roller makes this attachment ideal for upholstery, stairs, automotive cleaning and pet hair removal from all those surfaces and places you might to be able to fit the larger SEB 228 head in or on. With a swivel neck this piece is also extremely maneuverable in smaller areas and follows the natural movements of your wrist.

Miele’s AAC 50 Filter- Miele Active AirClean filter has a granulated charcoal to remove and dampen unwanted odors from the air. Combined with a rubber air tight sealing system around the sides of the filter, you have the ideal filter for Pet owners or anyone looking to enjoy a fresher quality of air in their home. These filters have a convenient soy based timer on them to remind of when to replace them, Miele usually recommends changing once a year under normal circumstances (or approx. 50hrs of use).

U AirClean Dustbag – Dynamic U1 upright vacuums use the U AirClean bags that feature the highest level of dust filtration on the market. These vacuum bags are superb, cost effective, ultra high capacity and often fill 40- 50 bins worth of dust from a bagless vacuum. They are of 7 times durable random spun polypropylene material which ensures this bag is puncture proof. This electrostatic material construction allows these bags to compact the dust and dirt and maximize bag capacity while doing so. The bag indicator on your canister reminds you when it is full. Upon bag removal, a self sealing door latch traps dirt to prevent contaminating the air quality in your home.

L.E.D. Headlight – The Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog is equipped with an L.E.D. headlight that allows the user to brilliantly see pet hair and debris on the surfaces they clean while illuminating dark places with ease.

Miele’s Upright Tool Storage – Miele upright vacuums come standard with 3 attachment tools on the back of their vacuum. Molded into the body, these tools can be easily accessed and look great when stored. The crevice tool, upholstery tool and dust brush connect to the end of the long hoses handle or on the telescopic wand allowing users added functionality.

Wand & Extension Hose – The integrated wand and hose combination give users a 12ft reach for stairs, drapes, upholstery or even in the car. The wand pops out of the side and is has an ergonomic handle to control the attachments connected to the end while following the natural twists of your hand and wrist.

Miele’s Vortex Motor – The Miele  1200 Watt Vortex motor gives this upright Pet Vacuum tremendous power and long life. Miele’s standard 7 year warranty affirms the quality and trust in this motor with its metal and aluminum components these motors last a lifetime. The Vortex motor also operates at an extremely low decibel level providing users with high performance vacuums that are very quite.

Suction Control – A 1-4 level infinity rotary dial helps users control suction fot the more sensitive cleaning jobs. Hard flooring to sensitive area rugs, all surfaces have an optimal suction level. simply move the dial from 1-Smooth (high suction) 2-Low Pile 3-Deep Pile 4- Curtains (low suction)

The 1000 Hour Test – To ensure that all components perform and last for the average residential user over a 20 year span Miele tests its vacuums over the coarse of a 1,000 hours. Miele makes sure the machine runs smoothly the whole time while never loosing performance capabilities.


Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog

Color: Lotus White

Filter: Active Air Clean Filter (AAC-30)

Item Number: 41HBE030 USA

EAN: 4002515536636

Launch: 2/2/2015

Replaces: S7260 Cat & Dog