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What are the best lightweight vacuums?

One of our top requests from our customers is to have a lightweight vacuum. So if you are past your heavy-lifting days, we have selected three of the best lightweight vacuums in stock and are ready for you to take home today. 

Best for All Flooring

Our first recommendation is the Miele Triflex, a three-way vacuum that can be used as a stick-vac (to go under beds, for example), an upright vacuum, a hand vac. You can take this vacuum to vacuum hardwood floors, carpets, and small areas. The only limitation is a smaller canister. It is as powerful as a full canister Miele, but the canister can only contain vacuuming a few rooms at a time. 

Best for Large Carpeting Area

The second recommendation is the Orecks. These vacuums are a complete commercial-grade vacuum made for carpets, and they will last a lifetime. Styles do not change significantly with Orecks, so servicing and repairing them is a breeze. Again, this is the best value long-term if you aren’t looking for special features, like handheld tools or pet hair.  

Best for Longest-Lasting

Lastly, the Riccar SupraLite model series is the highest quality lightweight vacuum. Like the Orecks, they are made for carpet but are best for ultra-plush carpeting. This machine will have 17 service visits to a Riccar dealer to have it serviced. We recommend this one.

We would recommend any of these three lightweight vacuums, but we recommend coming in to take one for a test drive or taking a loaner home to buy the vacuum that is perfect for you.

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