by Sebo

SEBO Duo Brush Machine


The SEBO Duo Carpet Cleaning Brush Machine is a powerful ally in the fight against allergies and asthma. Ideal for a single room, or an entire home covered in carpet, this powerful machine will prove its worth use after use.

The SEBO Duo Brush Machine contains a dual-brush operating system that aids in separating carpets and rugs for the deepest possible clean. Upon separation, the Duo-P powder is released to attentively clean every last fiber and lave your floors looking as if they were done by a professional.

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With this powerful SEBO product it’s likely you’ll be able to convince friends and family that you are! Perhaps you’ve even been leading a secret double life all these years, but crime fighting was something that never really caught your interest. Instead you chose to take up arms in the battle against dust and the irritating allergens found alongside it. Thankfully, this particular carpet cleaning machine, in addition to the high quality SEBO vacuum cleaners available, will make you quite the formidable foe against the evil syndicate of dust loitering, and taking advantage of your home.

  • 14-inch Head Width and a Brush Path of 12 1⁄2 inches
  • A Room or Entire House of Carpet Can be Quickly Cleaned
  • Two Spinning Brushes Open the Carpet Pile, Enabling the duo-P Powder to Clean Each Fiber
  • The Handle Can Be Disconnected from the Brush Head for Portability and Storage
  • Weighing Only 11 pounds, It is Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • 40 foot Cord
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Five-year Warranty
  • Duo-P Powder Cleans Carpets and Upholstery and Removes Stubborn Stains
  • Eliminates Dust Mite Allergens
  • Leaves No Detergent Residue and No Pre-spray is Needed
  • A Built-in Fiber Protector Helps to Prevent Future Stains and Soil
  • The duo Daisy Brush is Great for Cleaning Small and Medium-size Areas
  • The duo-P Hand Brush Cleans Stairs, Including the Carpet & Upholstery in Cars, Boats & RVs