More Than Vacuums Reviews

5 star reviews from 45 reviews.

  • Checked in with me at every step

    Smadar Belkind Gerson

    Great service, prompt and professional! Checked in with me at every step. Highly recommend!

    Date: June, 13, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Always have the supplies we need

    Terri Scott

    Great service. Friendly. Knowledgeable and always have the supplies we need for our vacuum or IQ Air.

    Date: June, 12, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Great for Kirby vacuum repair

    Janet M

    Great old store. Great for Kirby vacuum repair, used to go somewhere else these guys know there stuff

    Date: June, 11, 2019 5/5 stars
  • The price was very fare and honest

    Jackie R

    We could not ask for a better experience. The price was very fare and honest. We would bring any electrical appliance to your place

    Date: June, 08, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Fast and professional with our machines

    Adam Roy

    Have always been fast and professional with our machines, and saved me the trouble of ordering belts and filters online when I fix mine myself. Highly recommended

    Date: June, 08, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Satisfied with Kitchen Aid mixer maintenance

    Jane W

    Very friendly and helpful, knowledgeable. Very satisfied with previous Kitchen Aid mixer maintenance servicing and have now taken in our 2nd one for the same.

    Date: May, 17, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Great customer service & support.

    Lisa L
    Very nice patient tech explained how the part for my Kitchenaid mixer was the correct part, different schematic. Great customer service/support.
    Date: April, 16, 2019 5/5 stars
  • They did a fantastic job

    Debi M

    Took my Dyson Animal in to be cleaned, it really needed it. They did a fantastic job, ran great when I got it home! Recommend them highly!

    Date: April, 13, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Better deal than Bed Bath and Beyond

    Kristi C

    Great vacuum store. Came in for a rug cleaning and Scott showed me a better alternative to cleaning my hard floors from my Kirby vacuum cleaner. I bought a miele pure suction canister and got a better deal than I would have at bed bath and beyond.

    Date: April, 11, 2019 5/5 stars
  • We will definitely be back

    Rachel B

    We were in a very bad situation when our vacuum broke before Passover. We were trying to find the right belt to fit our almost brand new vacuum to no avail! Finances were tight and we just couldn’t swing buying another new vacuum that particular day. (Btw never buy an Eureka vacuum!!). We explained the situation to Jason and he went above and beyond trying to locate the part. When he couldn’t find it he did an incredible kind deed by giving us a working vacuum to use. We were blown away by his kindness and compassion in our situation. We will definitely be back and I will tell everyone I know about this place!! Thank you again Jason!

    Date: March, 16, 2019 5/5 stars
  • Excellent sewing machine technicians.

    Sandy B

    Very friendly and helpful service for my singer sewing machine. Even offered to come to my home since I’ve suffered from a stroke.
    Excellent sewing machine technicians.

    Date: March, 12, 2019 5/5 stars
  • We’re so happy with our new Miele!

    Max M

    Haz was fantastic! We’re so happy with our new Miele!

    This is the go to place for all of your home’s small appliance repair and/or for a new vacuum. Forget Amazon, forget eBay, and forget Dyson. So glad my partner and I came here even after spending 10+ hours researching vacuums.

    Haz was kind, so knowledgeable, eager to show every feature and very understanding of my needs, my home’s needs and also didn’t try to nickel and dime me or my partner. There are few business that I will call honest, but you can trust this place. If you’re making a trek here, it’s worth it.

    We came in knowing a fair amount about Miele and knew that it would probably be our final choice, but Haz took the time to explain and let us handle the different models and also other brands to finalize our decision.

    Please support small businesses, and trust that this place is geared towards the customer that cares about their home, their wallet, and wants the buy it for life quality, and knowledgeable employees.

    Date: February, 07, 2019 5/5 stars