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Q&A: Why do my belts burn so fast?

Many times customers ask us why their belts don’t last. Here’s some helpful reasons for this issue and how to solve it from our expert, Haz.

Customer Question:

Dear MTV,

The last two times I bought belts for my Kirby vacuum, they have been awful. They are wearing out super fast. I used my vacuum twice, and I feel them already stretching out and not spinning the brush as well. I clean my brush roll often and keep my Kirby in excellent condition, so why is this happening? These belts aren’t cheap!


Answer from our expert Haz:


Deana, Belts are generally a glorified rubber band and do stretch. Causes for them stretching are typically a buildup of hair and string in the bearings of the brush or motor.

Another reason is external, and that could be thicker/plush carpets or carpeting that has stretched and now is loose, which can get sucked up into the cleaner nozzle where the brush is causing excess friction and strain on the belt. This case causes it to wear out quicker than usual.

IF you have not tuned up your vacuum recently, please bring it in, and we will restore proper function and performance and include a belt.

Bear in mind that if the cause is your carpeting, the easiest way to avoid this is to try setting the Kirby to a slightly higher head height and be cautious of fringe or loose fabric on the floors.

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