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2022: The Year of the Vacuum

As far as New Year’s resolutions go, buying a new vacuum is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, maybe you did decide this will be the year of cleaner living. This usually refers to what you eat and/or consume, but having a clean-living space is also super important – if not more important. Also, if you have a four-legged family member, a quality vacuum is definitely a must-have. So, let’s get started on that New Year’s resolution!

Cheap Vacuums are Expensive Vacuums

You can perform vacuum repair to the “cheap vacuums” – or buy new cheap vacuums – which adds up to the price of quality vacuums. Or, you can surrender to inevitability and buy a quality vacuum. Naturally, we aren’t eye-balling the shiny new Riccar on the Internet like a child romancing the new bike under his or her sheets with a flashlight. However, after the demo video in this blog, it’s probable we’ll be thinking, “maybe we should be…”

Power Demo: Quality Vacuums vs. “Affordable”

In the first of a series of demos to come, one of our stores, All Ray’s Vacuum and Sewing has brought you a power demo illustrating the difference in the raw suction power of an “affordable” vacuum and a quality vacuum.

In the demo, these upright vacuums are brought into proximity of pink sand dumped onto thicker carpet. The power is conveyed through the pink sand’s disturbance, demonstrating the power of the two motors. This power translates into whether dirt and other foul particles are remaining in the carpet – much of which isn’t seen – or getting sucked-up by the vacuum instead of your toddler.

A Time for Choosing

The inevitable choice is between continual vacuum repair, repeat purchases of “affordable” vacuums that do the job worse and take more time to do it, or buying the quality vacuum your toddler deserves. With that being said, the difference is between a toddler crawling on carpet that looks clean and a toddler crawling on carpet that is actually clean.

Stay tuned as More Than Vacuums rolls out our New Year’s video demos!

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