V5-Cell HealthPro Plus Filter Replacement

  • The V5-Cell for advanced Gas and Odor filter
  • Should be replaced on average every 2 years or 18-26 months (based on usage)
  • Replacement gas and odor filter for the HealthPro Plus
  • Upgrades the HealthPro to a HealthPro Plus
  • Activated carbon and alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate
  • Controls a wide range of gaseous chemicals


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IQAir V5-Cell HealthPro Plus Original Filter Replacement

The V5-Cell Gas and Odor filter uses granular activated carbon absorption to eliminate volatile organic compounds and other harmful chemicals.

IQAir V5 Cell replacement filterIQAir V5 replacement cartridge filter R-angleIQ Air Filter V% Cell Replacement V5 L-angle_WEB

Making a HealthPro series air purifier that removes low-level gas and odors in addition to allergens meant designing a unique filter that compliments the PreMax pre-filter and HyperHEPA filter. IQAir engineers accomplished that by combining two types of media-one that adsorbs odors and gases and another that changes the pollutant to an oxidized form. They called it the V5-Cell. The ‘V’ refers to the five V-shaped filters that make up the V5-Cell. It’s these V-shaped filters that hold over 5 pounds of carbon mixed with alumina based potassium permanganate in such a manner that air flow is not decreased more than 20 cubic feet per minute when passing simultaneously through them. As a result, the filtration of the HealthPro Plus, which comes standard with the V5-Cell, and the HealthPro, which has space for the V5-Cell as an optional upgrade, removes more than 200 pollutant gases and odors from your home down to 0.003 microns with a guaranteed minimum efficiency of over 99.5%. The outcome is air as clean as it smells.